do your best beam~

do your best beam

(note: i love this loser)




not a doodle but omg i forgot i made this. i just didn’t had the chance to post this on my twitter. my shinobus really changed over time :000. its mostly due to me trying to find my style i guess… time really passes by, doesn’t it? 2015 felt like it was just yesterday… i should also make a newer updated version of this if i have the time…

i’m very glad i got into enstars. i think it really helped me in improving my art. before then, i was stuck in a rut, and i didn’t really knew what i should do. i didn’t enjoy drawing that time and i felt i was not getting any better… i had a few months long art hiatus due to that. I didn’t immediately start to draw again after i got into enstars, but i gradually and gradually got inspired to draw more and more as i read stories or admire character art. that yellow santa shinobu drawing was my first fanart in a while during that time(so its kinda rusty), and i had a lot of fun drawing him! Because of enstars, I really wanted to draw more and more! It was a while since i had fun drawing anything! shinobu is rly fun to draw!! There were some days where i got discouraged from drawing more tho,,,(but thats just my lowish self esteem at play)

i’d like draw art that i can be happy with. i’d really like to draw art that other people can be happy with. its one of my motivations for drawing after all…

i’m really thankful for what enstars gave me,,, it gave me opportunities to make good friends and meet new people, it motivated me to draw more, and it gave me shinobu, who i support so much, and who was able to give me so much hope and confidence in myself. (i know it might be silly to think of that way about a fictional character, but i can’t help it, i really really relate to shinobu. i never related so well to a character..)

but enstars is not without its flaws… i know that. but among those flaws, the pros outweigh the cons for me… so i’m just really thankful overall.